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COVID Positive Assessments

Our GPs will call every POSITIVE COVID-19 patient that receives a PCR swab with us, and returns a POSITIVE/DETECTED result for COVID-19. This phone call will assess the patient and provide health advice based on the patient's symptoms and any other health conditions. The doctor will then assess suitability & eligibility for COVID-19 antiviral treatments. For more information on antiviral treatments, click HERE. 

There is no fee for ANY of our services. 

Doctors will not call patients if you have returned a POSITIVE/DETECTED result for any of the viruses listed on the Respiratory Pathogen Panel. GPs will only be able to provide telehealth to POSITIVE COVID-19 patients. We advise you to consult your own GP if you need any medical assistance once diagnosed with one of the viruses on the Panel.  

You may also request a physical in-person, doctor assessment. This can be done by pressing here. 

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