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Antiviral Treatments

Eligible patients can be prescribed COVID-19 antiviral medication (Lagevrio & Paxlovid) after a POSITIVE PCR test

Our on-site doctors can prescribe COVID-19 antiviral treatments to eligible patients at the time of their PCR test or via telehealth. Every positive/confirmed case of COVID-19 at Rosebud Respiratory Clinic will automatically receive a call from one of our GPs assessing a patients eligibility for prescription of antivirals. 

Potentially eligible POSITIVE COVID-19 patients include:

  • Individuals aged 70+

  • Individuals aged 50+ with 2 additional risk factors

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander individuals, aged 30+ with two additional risk factors

(Risk factors include living in aged care, living with a disability, neurological condition (stroke, dementia, MS), chronic respiratory conditions (COPD, severe asthma), obesity, diabetes, heart or kidney failure or living remotely with reduced access to higher level healthcare). 

  • Individuals aged 18+ and are moderately or severely immunocompromised

(Conditions include blood cancel or some red blood cell disorders, transplant recipient, primary or acquired HIV, chemotherapy or whole body radiotherapy in the last 3 months, high dose corticosteroids or pulse corticosteroid therapy in the last 3 months, immunosuppressive treatments in the last 3 months, rituximab in the last 12 months, cerebral palsy or Down Syndrome, congenital heart disease, living with disability with multiple conditions and or frailty.). 

Our doctors can send the pharmacist your prescription electronically so the medications can be either collected by a friend or family member (you will be in isolation having tested positive) or delivered to your home. 

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