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Rapid Antigen Testing

Our clinic now offers no-cost Rapid Antigen Testing! 



What is Rapid Antigen Testing?

  • Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS) are another tool (additional to a regular PCR test) that can detect COVID-19 in an individual even without having symptoms. 

  • It has 95-99% accuracy and gives results in 15-20 minutes, which will be communicated to you via SMS.

  • A nasal swab collects a sample, which is then placed into a chemical solution

  • Our specialist, trained team will manage the testing and interpretation of results and message you with your result. You may still need to isolate depending on your reason for being tested. 

  • The RATS test is a reassurance test, however it is not 100% accurate. You must wait until your PCR test result is returned to determine if you are negative or positive.


Line up at the front of the Rosebud Respiratory Clinic. One of our friendly staff will greet you. 

Say you're here to receive a Rapid Antigen Test. You MUST also have a PCR test. This is what we know as a 'regular' COVID-19 test.


Once our admin staff check you in, you'll be taken to a private testing area to be swabbed. 

In this room, a nurse/GP will perform an oral and high nasal swab for the PCR test and a low nasal swab for the Rapid Antigen Test. 


Once swabbed, you will be directed to go home and isolate.


The PCR sample will be sent to our external pathologists for standard processing. 

The Rapid Antigen Test will be processed by our team and you'll receive an SMS with the result.


You should receive an SMS within 20 minutes of your test informing you of your result. This test has 95-99% accuracy and you must continue isolating until your PCR test result comes back 24-48 hours later. 

You do not need to isolate if you have no symptoms. If you have symptoms, attended a Tier 1 or Tier 2 exposure site, or are a close/household contact of a positive case, you must follow those isolation rules. 

You will receive documentation on the day about your obligations.

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